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Student Organizations

Joining a student organizations can help you make new friends, explore your interests and hobbies, develop new skills, and help you become a more active member of the campus community. Student groups are always welcoming of new members. Even if you missed the first few meetings they would love to invite you to get involved.

Want to get involved in a student group, but don't know where to start? Check out our searchable directory of active student organizations below. For more information about specific student groups, contact

Start Your Own Group

If you can't find the group that's right for you, then follow this link to learn how to start your own student organization.

Need help with your event planning? Here is a guide to successful event planning which will help you to ensure you have accomplished all the necessary tasks for you to host an event on campus.

Need help with marketing? Buttons are a great way to successfully advertise your event or org to campus. For each button made, a 10 cent fee will be assessed to the organization's budget at the end of the semester. Button making is open to all Hamline departments, Student Organizations, and students. Each button is 2.25" wide and button designing software is readily available.

Student Activities has a variety of resources for student organizations. See how SALD can support your org.