Student Travel

This policy applies to travel sponsored by or associated with a Hamline University program, class, or organization. Examples of programs, activities, and events that fall under this policy include, but are not limited to: required academic activity such as class field trips and trips for educational or cultural enrichment such as student publication, performance, and competition; voluntary co-curricular travel such as leadership conferences, intramural sports, theater and other cultural events facilitated by student organizations registered and approved by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development; athletic activity related to intercollegiate athletic competition.

  1. General Requirements:
    1. Student travel must be consistent with the University’s mission and planned so as to not create undue conflict with students’ academic responsibilities and obligations.
    2. Trip participation in such activities shall be limited to members of the University community: faculty, enrolled students, and staff. With prior approval from the responsible departmental leadership, participation can be expanded to college students enrolled in one of the ACTC consortium schools, Hamline alumni, and others.
    3. All participants are required to engage in the planned activities of the trip. Unstructured time shall be kept to a minimum to reduce the risks inherent in unsupervised activity.
    4. Students may not drive travel participants to destinations more than 450 miles from campus. Trips beyond this distance must use professionally conducted transit.
    5. Where travel plans conflict with classes or other academic obligations, student participants are responsible for making arrangements with their instructors to mitigate any negative impact on the progress of their studies and/or their academic standing in class.
    6. All vehicle travel must adhere to the requirements contained in the University Vehicle Use policy.
    7. In the event of an incident (e.g. medical emergency or accident, violation of the Student Code of Conduct), trip leaders must contact group advisor or departmental leadership. If those parties cannot be reached, contact Safety and Security.
  2. Behavioral Expectations:
    1. All participants involved with student travel are responsible for their own behavior and any resulting consequences, including being sent home at the student’s expense should participation be terminated due to behavior violations. The University shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury or other consequence resulting from a participant’s failure to comply with University rules and regulations, the direction of University employees, or applicable law.
    2. All student participants are accountable to the Hamline Student Code of Conduct throughout the duration of the trip. Conduct that violates the Hamline Code of Conduct and/or is illegal in the travel location is prohibited. University jurisdiction and discipline shall extend to all students participating in student travel.
    3. Excessive alcohol consumption by students who are of legal drinking age is prohibited.
  3. Overnight Travel:
    1. University employees participating in student group travel may not share a room with students or with each other, except with prior approval from the responsible departmental leadership. Students are expected to room with each other while traveling. Trip leaders will work together to determine student room assignments that will ensure students are placed in comfortable and accommodating situations.
    2. Co-curricular travel beyond the Twin Cities Metro Area is subject to the Co-Curricular Travel Registration policy.
Travel Documentation Procedure (3_2019) - Google Docs.pdf