Reserving and using the HUSC P-Card

1. Fill out the P-Card Request Form 48 hours before you hope to use it and you will receive a Google invite confirming the time, and date from the HUSC Treasurer if your request is approved. NOTE: The Student Activity Center is not OPEN on the weekends, thus you are unable to check out the P-Card on the weekend.

2. Come to the SALD Office located in ANDC Room 319 to check out the HUSC P-Card during your confirmed time. You will have to turn in your Student ID card. Without it, we are unable to give you the HUSC P-Card.

3. The Tax-Exempt Form will be provided to you at the time you pick up the P-Card. You MUST use this Tax-Exempt form when purchasing items if you can.

4. After you are done using the HUSC P-Card, please return it to the SALD Office and pick up your Student ID card. NOTE: Please provide a receipt for your purchase. The HUSC Treasurer or SALD Staff is also not responsible and will not hunt for the receipt. If you do not return with the receipt, you will be ask to go get the receipt before getting your Student ID card back and be given a warning and a possible ban from the P-card, should it happen again. Please write your organization on top of the receipt as well.

Reserving and using the HUSC Travel Card (T-Card)

1. The T-Card is solely for conferences and traveling expenses such as booking hotel rooms or airfare.

2. Contact Carlos Sneed (csneed@hamline.edu) to set up a time. Please have the flights details, hotel rooms, and anything else that you may need for traveling ready before you meet with Carlos Sneed.