What's Happening?

What is the 'What's Happening' calendar?

    1. Google calendar that anyone with a Hamline email address can access!
    2. Just search "what's happening' in 'Add your coworker's calendar' on google calendar
    3. Features extracurricular events specifically geared toward undergraduate students
    4. Can be used as a tool to map best dates and time for hosting major events

How to use the What's Happening Calendar

Add your event

It is preferable for you to add your programs to the calendar yourself.

However, a student employee in the Student Activities & Leadership Development office will be in charge of cross referencing Inside Hamline submissions and the What’s Happening calendar, and generally adding programs as we become aware of them.

    1. Calendar submissions should include:
            1. Event title
            2. Specific date and time
            3. Holds & “Save the Dates” may be entered as all-day events as needed, but please update the calendar with as many details as possible, as soon as possible
          1. In the description include:
            1. Sponsoring party
            2. Contact information (email address at minimum)
            3. Description of what the event will entail
            4. Indication if there will be free food available (student groups such as the Feed Your Brain Campaign have consistently requested this information be freely available)
      1. Invite the sponsoring party to the calendar invitation, so they have access to what the calendar says and can make or request edits
    2. Weekly meetings may not be included, with the exception of HUSC General Assembly